Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 269: Circus leftovers

Some leftover candy from our evening at the circus!

Day 268: An awe-inspiring evening

We took my parents to see the latest Cirque du Soleil show for their birthdays (they share a birthday) - it was simply spectacular!

Day 267: Another rose

Another image of one of the miniature roses....I couldn't resist.

Day 266: In the RAW

Got to work with RAW files in the computer lab this evening in our photography class.

Day 265: End of summer

Taken from my bedroom window....the leaves on the trees have started to change colours!

Day 264: Assignment 1 - DOF

Another pic for photo class, this time demonstrating shallow depth of field.

Day 263: Assignment 1 - Shutterspeed

Part of our first assignment in the photography course involved demonstrating shutterspeed.  The longer shutterspeed here shows the blur of the moving yo-yo toy.

Day 162: Roses

My husband gave me some miniature roses as an early anniversary gift - so I had some flowers to photograph!

Day 261: Visit to the marsh

We visited the Wye Marsh today, hoping to enjoy some great bird photography - but alas...there were very few birds.  We did see a lot of dragonflies though!

Day 260: Georgian Bay Islands National Park

We spent the weekend near Georgian Bay and visited Georgian Bay Islands National Park for the first time.  It was simply gorgeous up there!  The weather was fabulous and we spent several hours hiking around the island and taking in the scenery.

Day 259: Lights! Camera! Action!

My husband and I have enrolled in an 'Intermediate Digital Photography' course at the local college and tonight was our first class.  We got to go into the photo studio and take portraits of each other.  Such fun!

Day 258: Inukshuk

An Inuit stone carving of an inukshuk...given to us as a gift from my brother-in-law who took a trip to the Canadian arctic.

Day 257: Shadow and light

The window a hypnotizing pattern!

Day 256: Souvenir gift

My mom's uncle and his wife visited Canada for the first time and we made up a small photo album with some photos from their visit, as a goodbye gift. 

Day 255: Calorie attack

Got these chocolates as a gift...they are soo good, but soo bad too! 

Day 254: Hot air

A hot-air balloon sails across the sky....a strange site to see when driving along the highway!

Day 253: Metallic

One of my husband's multi-tools.

Day 252: Illuminating

A compact fluoresent light bulb....viewed from the top.

Day 251: Tis the season

Some Fall decor...fitting for the season.

Day 250: Colourful curves

A close-up of some scrapbooking scissors.

Day 249: At day's end

Relaxing at the end of the day in front of the TV.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 248: Afternoon abstract

Relaxing on this holiday Monday afternoon with a cup of coffee.  The image shows a reflection of the window blinds in the coffee.

Day 247: Peaches

My husband loves peaches...and will buy them by the basket, whenever he can.

Day 246: Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens

Spent some time at Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens and was thrilled to be able to capture this little red dragonfly. 

Day 245: My obsession

I have a bit of an obsession with white serving dishes.  I love collecting them in different and interesting shapes and sizes, so when I saw this set of 3 oblong bowls, I just had to have them! 

Day 244: Light

A close-up of part of the light fixture above the dining table.

Day 243: Leftovers

Had a few leftover oreo cookies from the oreo truffles that I made on the weekend.  All that's missing from this image, is the glass of milk to go with these cookies!

Day 242: New flowers

Got some new flowers for the front porch. 

Day 241: Busy bee

I was trying to capture this bee that was flying around in our backyard - going from flower to flower.  It didn't stay still very long, so this shot was the best I could do.

Day 240: Oreo truffles

Super-easy to make, and so decadent!  Basically, you take one entire package of oreo cookies, which you grind up in a food processor, and mix that with one package of cream cheese.  Then you form it into small balls and chill in the fridge.  Once chilled, dip in melted chocolate, and voila!  So good!

Day 239: Puff

At the park today, these puffs were flying around everywhere!  This one, glistening in the sunlight, kind of reminds me of a snowflake!

Day 238: Lines and curves

An abstract made from a close-up of a pencil holder.